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A Brief Intro

Antaeus Travel was founded in 1988 by two professionals coming from different business areas within the travel & tourism sector, having the same dream: to create a travel consultant agency that would serve customers in the most constructive & resourceful way. The company they created has been successfully offering innovative travel services of high quality for over 25 years, aiming to constantly keep up with global developments in the field of tourism and to provide holistic services that stand out and exceed what is expected from a travelling management team.

Today, the Group of Antaeus companies operates through a global network of offices in Greece, Switzerland and the Philippines, as well as through the companies Personal Tax and Accounting P.C and Galant Hellas S.A, and succeeds in offering high quality consulting, quality planning, quality control and quality assurance regarding transportation and accommodation for individual and company needs, in various sectors. Antaeus Travel is a member of IATA, since 1990, with full support of the majority of the airline companies.

The business world requires constant updating, flexibility and innovation.
Smartly organize your trip to the biggest trade fairs around the world and discover the “secrets” and particularities of the sector you are interested in.
Build a successful presence in the global business map, thus creating for your business new opportunities for growth.

Find out about the most important developments in the field of business trips and entrepreneurship and take advantage of our useful tips for your business trips. We inform you about all the latest news from around the world and guide you through your choices. The pioneering marine world leads its own way having a reliable travel advisor on its side.

we're creative

We broaden our horizons & constantly seek new travel experiences for your needs & expectations!
Our company implements specialized services in the shipping industry, demanding corporate travel requests, participation at the world' s biggest trade fairs, while having recruited a team of experts in outlining the holidays of your dreams... therefore Antaeus Travel remains the most loyal partner you will ever have!
Our services have been created primarily to ensure high quality levels, reliability & safety. Fulfilling your preferences is our aim... let' s travel together!



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