Emirates Breaks Its Record with More Than 600 seats in New Airbus

20.11.2015 | 16:43

The Dubai based airline, Emirates, recently decided to skip first-class from their new airbus and to add more seats to the economy class.

The economy class of Emirates is already famous for being the best in the category among all airlines, and it just got better. Emirates is the world’s biggest passenger plane and it has now expanded its capacity.

The new A380 holds only two classes – business and economy – with a total capacity of lounging 615 passengers at one time. That is nearly a 100 more than the previous number of seats in the plane. The company decided to scratch an entire class and took out 18 flat beds from the business class as well during the expansion of the economy class.

The company claims that this change will not cut short any leg room of their passengers, as the space for the seats is still almost the same with a minor difference of half an inch. That half an inch is nothing compared to the 130 more economy seats which will positively impact the grand airline.

Emirates has not compromised on its extravagance or comfort and has provided in-flight entertainment screens for their guests on 13.3 in. The entertainment is at the passenger’s personal disposal, where they can select from a variety of more than 500 films. Emirates’ entertainment system has been awarded as the best in the world for 11 years in a row.

Emirates’ very first two new A380 were displayed in the Dubai Airshow earlier this month. The visitors were allowed to check out the new and changed interior of the airbus but were not taken for a test flight. Among the visitors was Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the Amir of Dubai and the prime minister of United Arab Emirates.

The new and improved Emirates A380 will take its very first passengers on board after the end of Dubai Airshow on December 1st.