A successful cooperation “leads” to efficiency & value

19.07.2015 | 15:00

During the last decade, we as Antaeus Group of companies “came up” to a sharp increase in our clientele, as some of the leading marine providers had been enjoying our services. One of them has also gained the title “Tanker Company of the Year” & was described as ”epitomizing the modernization of the Greek tanker industry”.

With key travel destinations in the busiest container ports all over the world including Shanghai, Hamburg, Dubai, Rotterdam & the Long Beach in the US, our customers/ collaborators have been showing their trust & devotion in our services as our team of travel consultants have realized & respected all these years their travel needs & demands.

Throughout this period they have always clarified that they need on their side a travel management company that manages their expenditure, assists them quickly & efficiently with Visa issuance on a 24/7 basis through its global network of offices in Europe & Asia.