Tips for a productive flight

09.11.2015 | 13:38

Stay hydrated and brown bag it

Traveling is tiring no matter how well in advance you plan. Making sure you drink enough water will make you feel more awake and help prevent you from getting sick. If you know you have to get a big project done, pack yourself a meal and some snacks that you know will keep you going so you won't have to rely on what the airport or airline has to offer.

Make sure you can work without the Internet.

Airplane Wi-Fi is notoriously spotty, so don’t be caught off guard if your internet cuts out mid-flight. When you're going through your to-do list, make sure you download all the documents you need ahead of time and set aside work you can do without being connected, like writing emails to send once you land.

Keep your devices charged.

It may seem like a simple task, but in your effort to get from A to B, it's easy to forget that your laptop-with-everything-on-it needs some juice to stay alive. Remember to put your devices in airplane mode to save battery and travel with your device chargers. You might also want to bring your own power strip; if you're lucky enough to find a free outlet in a busy airport, you could help a fellow traveler out, too.

Don't just keep your head down.

Your inclination is to get as much work in as possible, but you never know who you'll be seated next to you on the plane or who will need to share that outlet with you in the airport. Keep your business cards at the ready because your neighbor could offer you some intriguing advice or become a potential partner, customer or friend.