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10 Reasons To Visit Greece In September And Where To Go

10 reasons to visit Greece in September and where to go

Summer holidays are coming to an end and therefore the masses of tourists are slowly decreasing. September is the ideal time to visit some of the most beautiful areas of Greece, such as busy islands, as the weather is still warm.

Here are some reasons to choose an autumn vacation in Greece in September:

1. Nature becomes more beautiful in colors
2. The sea remains warm enough for swimming
3. The islands become a little quieter
4. The beaches are more empty
5. You can enjoy lower prices
6. You can avoid queues
7. You find cheaper airline tickets
8. You enjoy personalized services due to reduced crowds
9. It’s festivals time
10. The land offers olive and grape, ideal season for agritourism

If you are a fan of agritourism, September is the time to visit some of the state-of-the-art wineries in Greece. The famous raki is made in Crete at the end of September!

Other suggested destinations:

Monemvasia, and Nafplio and Nafpaktos with their picturesque castles are an ideal choice for the season.

Athens is ready to welcome you and the perfect time to enjoy all the wonderful restaurants of the city, the bars, the nightlife, the shopping and the ancient monuments is now. If the weather is hot you can head to the beaches around Glyfada or take a day trip to Hydra, Poros, Spetses or Aegina.

Thessaloniki is a must destination for September thanks to the many festivals and cultural events that take place during this period.

Santorini is still charming in September and maybe its picturesque alleys have emptied a little for a more serene walk!

Mykonos is a hot spot all year round, but in September the crowds seem to dwindle and the island can offer more relaxation and calmness.

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