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95% Of Citizens Ready To Travel As Soon As The Bans Are Lifted

95% of citizens ready to travel as soon as the bans are lifted

Tourism 2021: 95% of citizens ready to travel as soon as the bans are lifted – What they think about tests, quarantine and vaccines

According to a survey conducted by on a sample of 8,205 travelers from different parts of the world, 41% of respondents travel more than3 times a year, 20.5% 3 times a year and the rest at least once a year.

87% said that would desperately need a vacation / trip to a destination outside their country.

What would be the reasons for traveling abroad?

As for the main reasons for traveling as soon as the travel bans are lifted, 74% said they would travel first to visit family and friends. Only 17% intend to travel for leisure, 14% to explore new destinations and the rest would travel for other reasons including work (8%).

Is it risky to travel abroad right now?

54% believe that despite the spread of the virus and its variants around the world, there is not much risk in traveling abroad at this time, while only 12% believe that traveling is risky, and the remaining 34% said there may be a risk but they are not sure about it.

Would it be possible to eventually travel abroad soon?

However, their hopes of being able to travel this year remain subdued as only 29% believe it will be possible, 37% are not so sure that traveling abroad will be possible and the rest are unsure.

Which part of the society suffers more from COVID-19 restrictions?

71% said couples suffer more from the restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the virus, 17% said families suffer the most, 6% said workers and 2.5% said students.

Which is the most effective way to stop the spread of coronavirus during travel?

Most of them pointed out that the most effective way to prevent the spread of coronavirus during travel is the mandatory tests upon arrival at the destination (62%) and quarantine (17%). However, 47% believe that the combination of test, quarantine and a second test is the most effective way.

Should vaccines be mandatory for travelers?

59% said the vaccine should not be made mandatory for travelers, and the rest believe it should be.

81% said they were familiar with the vaccination certificates while 19% had never heard of them.

The survey was conducted from February 20 to March 20. The most common age groupsin the sample of respondents were 20-26 (2,151), 27-34 (2,826) and 35-45 (1,779).


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