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End Of An Era For Alitalia, ITA Becomes Italy’s New National Airline

End of an era for Alitalia, ITA becomes Italy’s new National Airline

The Italian government is negotiating with the European Commission for the future of the Italian airline Alitalia.

Alitalia will cease to exist and it will be replaced by Ita with a new logo, but always with the three colors of the Italian flag.

Out of the 11,000 employees, flight attendants and pilots, about 5,000 will remain, but will be selected based on clear criteria. Those who will stay out of Ita are expected to receive incentives to leave, retire or will be able to use state financial support (80% of salary) for five years. Ground staffis likely to be absorbed by Rome airports, and it is not clear yet whether the new company and aircraft maintenance workers will join. The main goal is to avoid redundancies and to give new boost to freight transport.


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