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What To Do 48 Hours Before Flying To Greece

What to do 48 hours before flying to Greece

Due to Covid-19, Greece has imposed new protocols upon travellers’ arrival in the country.

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) must be submitted by each traveler at a time of 48 hours or more prior check-in. The link can be found here.

In case of not successful submission of the PLF, boarding might be denied, or a EUR 500.00 penalty will occur upon arrival in Greece and the first point of entry. Transit passengers must also comply with the above regulation.

Please mind that all flights must be booked at least 48 hours before arrival in the country and the PLF form must be submitted 48 hours prior departure. The PLF cannot be submitted if a flight is booked with a less than 48 hours departure. In this case the regulation of non-successful submission of PLF will be followed as per above.

As a result, bookings are encouraged to be made at least 2 days before the requested departure date.

For more travel info and regulations, please, check on the following sites:

Greek Government









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