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National Strike Forces Brussels Airlines To Cancel Nearly All Flights

National strike forces Brussels Airlines to cancel nearly all flights

Brussels Airlines has been forced to cancel nearly all of its scheduled flights this Wednesday (February 13) due to a national strike in Belgium.

The carrier had initially reduced its flight operations over the strike period, but has now announced plans to “cancel its remaining flight programme”.

The exceptions will be the following flights from Africa and North America, which are scheduled to depart on February 13 but with an arrival at Brussels Airport of February 14:

SN1278 Lomé – Accra
SN1278 Accra – Brussels
SN1482 Toronto – Brussels
SN1465 Kigali – Entebbe
SN1465 Entebbe – Brussels
SN1202 Dakar – Brussels
SN1300 Cotonou – Abidjan
SN1300 Abidjan – Brussels
SN1224 Conakry – Banjul
SN1224 Banjul – Brussels
SN1372 Yaoundé – Douala
SN1372 Douala – Brussels
In a statement Brussels Airlines said that “With the proactive cancellation of its flight programme of February 13, Brussels Airlines offers its guests the possibility to adapt their travel plans in advance and herewith minimizes the level of disruption and discomfort generated by the national strike as much as possible”.

Customers are advised to contact the carrier’s service centre to rebook, or to visit


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