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Digital Health Passports Launching This March To Help Flying Safely Again

Digital health passports launching this March to help flying safely again

A growing number of airlines are trialling digital health passports, offering a hope that more and more countries will reopen their borders soon.

A digital health passport will act as a vital tool in paving the way for the return of safe flights. It will have information on what tests, vaccines and other measures passengers require before travelling to various destinations.

More specifically passengers who will use the digital health passport will be able to have their health status recorded. It will also allow passengers to comply with each country’s health requirements, and in that way the confidence in travel and tourism may be restored.

IATA’s is one of several initiatives where an app effectively serves as a health passport. International Air Transport Association came up with its own solution with a Travel Pass App. Travel Pass is a mobile app to help travelers quickly and securely manage their travel for government requirements for COVID-19 testing or vaccine information.

So far, Etihad Airways and Emirates were the first airlines in the world to partner with the IATA Travel Pass, leading the way, as Singapore Airlines followed and Qatar Airways planning to start trials in March.

British Airways and American Airlines began trialing another app called VeriFLY, while Alaska Airlines followed the same path too. The app works the same way as the IATA one. The new digital health travel passport can be downloaded to a mobile phone and checks if customers meet the entry requirements of their destination by providing digital health document verification. American Airlines became the first airline to operate VeriFLY in November. British Airways is the first airline in the UK to trial a mobile travel health passport service for those traveling from London. It will also be the only airline outside the US to offer its customers the opportunity to trial VeriFLY.

Who is already using digital health passports on a trial basis?

• British Airways
• Virgin Atlantic
• Iberia
• Alaska Airlines
• United
• Cathay Pacific
• American Airlines
• Qatar Airways
• Singapore Airlines
• Lufthansa



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