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Etihad Airways: Covid-19 Global Wellness Insurance Continues To Be Included In Every Issued Ticket.

Etihad Airways: Covid-19 Global Wellness Insurance continues to be included in every issued ticket.

Etihad Airways has just announced that the special Covid-19 global wellness Insurance will be included in every issued ticket for travels until the end of September (30th of September 2021).

Thus, when making a travel reservation with Etihad Airways for trips up to the end of September, you simultaneously get the following benefits without any cost:

  • All medical expenses and quarantine costs associated with Covid-19 covered by Etihad Airways
  • Worldwide cover for up to one month (31 days)
  • Clear claims
  • Dedicated Etihad Covid-19 Assistance Team

Etihad Airways, the first air company with fully vaccinated staff on board in the world, awaits to travel you anywhere. A special summer flight program, including more than 50 destinations, is on the way, so stay tuned!

Important note: Covid-19 PCR testing is mandatory before every flight with Etihad Airways.

For questions or travel requests, please contact us at or at +30 211 104 2100 any time.

Antaeus Travel team will be happy to assist you.


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