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Tips: Business Trip O Nuremberg!

Tips: Business Trip o Nuremberg!

It was the main European city in the Middle Ages and even today, Nuremberg occupies a prominent place among the business centers on the continent. Its history – both ancient and recent – is abundant, which makes it an attractive place to visit if you have some free time during your business trip.

Nuremberg, in the German region of Bavaria, is known as the city of short tours, especially if you visit the older part, where most of the monuments of tourist interest are located. The center is divided in two by the Pegnitz River and it’s bound by a 5 kilometer wall, most of which is still standing. The buildings here were almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, but the effort to raise the city again has made it possible to enjoy its pink-hued buildings and other monuments.

Take a short walk


If you only have 30 free minutes between meetings, you can begin a short walk from the central train station near the NH Collection Nürnberg City. Most of the streets are pedestrian and the short distances make it easy to get around the city on foot.

What’s more, bicycles have become the transport of choice in Nuremberg. We suggest you rent one and tour the city that way, as it has extensive bike lanes. The rental shouldn’t cost more than 20 euros per day.

Whatever means you choose, if you go left out of the station, after 150 meters you’ll see the Nuremberg Opera, called the Staatstheater. It dates from 1905 and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

If you cross the street, you’ll come across The National Germanic Museum where the most important collection of Germanic art in Germany is kept. The collection includes art from Prehistory to the 21st century and it is the largest Germanic museum worldwide with a size as big as the Louvre. In just one hour it’s possible to see this collection of more than one million objects. Admission costs five euros, except on Wednesdays when it’s free.

The Old town

If you have the opportunity to extend your tour another 60 minutes, head up from here towards the old town. You´ll be able to see the famous Church of St. Lawrence (Lorenzkirche), a representative building of the German Gothic style and dating from 1270. Inside you can admire the Angelus of Veit Stoss, suspended from the vaulted ceiling, a magnificent tabernacle of Adam Kraft and a sundial by Johannes Stabius.

Then, crossing the river in the direction of the Church of Our Lady, you should stop to admire the views of the canal from this vantage point. Once inside the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche), you can enjoy its gothic architecture and the clock from 1509 that’s seen on its façade. Every day at noon, the clock shows the seven Imperial Electors filing past the Emperor Charles IV, who ordered the construction of this church on the site of a synagogue in 1358. In this same square, stands a spectacular monument called Beautiful Fountain or Schöner Brunnen.

The upper city

If you set aside two hours of your free time for another route through the upper part of the city, you’ll arrive at the Albrecht Durer House found at Albrecht Dürer Strasse, 39, where the artist lived from 1471 to 1520. From here we’re already at the gates of the Imperial Nuremberg Castle (Kaiserburg), the jewel of the city and considered one of the most important imperial palaces of the Middle Ages.

Another “must-see” in the city is the Palace of Justice, where the famous Nuremberg trials of the high-ranking Nazi officials were held as a result of the end of World War II. It’s about a half an hour’s walk from the city center and also very easy to reach with the underground.

Stay fit

There are also areas for runners. Nuremberg has numerous parks, but Stadtpark, north of the city, is one of the largest and best to visit in sneakers. It has sandy paths, charming alcoves, two cafés and many people strolling about who bring life to this space.

Take home the perfect souvenir

In the center, souvenir and textile shops abound between Hallplatz and Unschlittplatz squares. Another shopping area is between Weiber Turm and Bischof-Meiser Street and near St. James Church. In the old part of the city there are also many shops where you can get any type of souvenir. Lebkuchen, a very famous and exquisite sweet, is the perfect purchase.

Some Christmas spirit

If you visit Nuremberg in December, you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy the world’s most famous Christmas market or Christkindlesmarkt. It’s a four hundred year-old tradition, and receives more than two million tourists every year. It’s located at Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady).

Try local delicacies

In Nuremberg small sausages called Nürnberger Rostbratwurst are popular. They were first made in the 1300s and even have a denomination of origin. These sausages are prepared with pork, bacon, salt, pepper and oregano. Safe Zipfel, a bratwurst sausage that is cooked in a broth with onion, vinegar and bay leaf, is also popular. Goldenes Posthorn is a good choice for trying these specialties. It’s located in front of the St. Sebaldo Church and having been in operation since 1498, it’s known as the oldest restaurant in Germany.

The Bratwurst Röslein near Hauptmarkt Square is another place with a lot of character where you can try Tucher, the mythical local beer, which has been manufactured since 1643.

Don’t miss the typical Biergarten (beer garden), restaurants that offer beer and food on a terrace or in a garden, primarily in the spring and summer months. The Kopernikus, a 10-minute walk from Hauptmarkt, is one of the most popular.

For a more formal lunch or dinner, try the Goldener Pudel where you have the chance to taste exquisite grilled meats; The Ficher at Schottengasse 1, offers local dishes, but with a slightly more sophisticated flair.

After dinner, there are many different places in the city where you can have a drink. Weißgerbergasse is one of the most popular areas with several very popular pubs. Mach 1, a disco, is very well known, for example. On Klingenhofstrasse you can find three of the city’s best clubs: Rock, WON, and Resi. If you prefer are more quiet evening you will enjoy a visit at Cinecittà one of Europe’s biggest cinema complexes with 22 cinema halls.

With these tips you won’t miss Nuremberg’s key sites and you’ll be able to enjoy them easily and in a short amount of time during your business or leisure trip.

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