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The World’s Most Romantic Islands

The World’s Most Romantic Islands

Talk about a dreamy island escape.

Few locales deliver on the promise of making fantasies come to life, but these 15 alluring island getaways possess the charms to follow through.

Three high-scorers in the romance category are in Asia, including the top island overall, Palawan, proving that the largest continent is also the most magical. The Caribbean and Hawaii are worthy rivals, each one home to a heavenly trifecta of winners. And naturally heart-shaped Moorea has the undeniable look of love. All of these stunners have one thing in common: cerulean waters that demand a dip.

Quit daydreaming. That romantic island vacation could be a reality


No. 15 Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean


No. 14 The Ionian Islands


No. 13 St. Bart’s in the Caribbean


No. 12 Palawan in the Philippines


No. 11 Anguilla in the Caribbean


No. 10 Bali in Indonesia


No. 9 Capri in Italy


No. 8 Maui in Hawaii


No. 7 Seychelles



No. 6 Kauai in Hawaii


No. 5 Boracay in the Philippines

No. 4 Moorea in French Polynesia


No. 3 Santorini in Greece


No. 2 Maldives


No. 1 Bora-Bora in French Polynesia



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