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Tips: Business Travel In Hot Weather!

Tips: Business Travel in Hot weather!

Here are a few tips from travel experts to help make the most of your summer business travel:

No 8. Stay Cool

During bedtime a silk mummy sleeping liners is ideal and easy to pack. During your day out wear a hat or hold an umbrela (in Asia is very common). Wear light colour clothes with natural textiles such as cotton or linen. Drink many fluids like juices and smoothies and avoid caffeine & alcohol.

No 7. Use your miles for upgrades

While economy fares go up with the high demand from vacationers in the summer, business class fares actually tend to drop due to less business travel. If you can spare miles for an upgrade, it might be worth it.

No 6. Fly in the Morning

Fly in the morning to avoid being impacted by other flight delays
and never take the last flight of the day because if it’s cancelled, you’re in trouble. Flying early can help you avoid cascading travel delays and cancelations.”

No 5. Book meeting rooms in the airports

Meeting and conference rooms are often available at airports or local hotels for hire by the hour, allowing you to incorporate business directly into your travel plans. This cuts out journeys between distant venues and minimises time spent away from home.

No 4. Use lounges to get work done

When the airport gets busier, so do the terminals. If you need to get work done, head to the lounge. There’s often desk space, air-conditioning, reliable Wi-Fi and less noise. Plus, you can enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks.

No 3. Choose the right hotel

Avoid hotels near popular tourist attractions, as those can get busier during the summer. This will help you spend less time getting from your hotel to meetings or events you’re scheduled to attend.

No 2. Pack extra clothes

It’s always a good idea to pack extra business attire, but especially during the summer months. Imagine wearing a suit during a humid summer day in New York… chances are you’re going to want an extra dress shirt to change into. You can also do some shopping since summr clothes don’t need a lot of space in the luggage.

No 1.Make it a bizcation

Extend a business trip into a leisure trip for a couple of days and fly on days that aren’t so busy, especially during summer.

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