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Top Tips For Travelling On A Long Flight

Top tips for travelling on a long flight

Travelling for six hours or more on a long-haul flight can feel like a nightmare to any seasoned road warrior, but a little preparation teamed with a few home comforts can make all the difference. Here, I have listed 6 top tips for surviving a long-haul flight.

1. Choose a reputable Airline

Most if not all Airlines will come with a recommendation, each excelling in different areas of service depending on your requirements as a business traveller. It’s always a great idea to conduct some research before you make a decision on which airline to choose, or if using a Travel Management Company speak to your business travel agent to obtain impartial advice on the best routes and Airlines for your destination. On-board service and facilities on an aircraft can make or break a business travellers journey.

Top-Tip: If you have a preference of airline, ensure you are collecting any frequent flyer or loyalty points redeemable on future upgrades and flights speak to your dedicated Account Manager for more information.

2. Reserve your seat in advance

When travelling long-haul there’s nothing better than feeling comfortable in your favourite choice of seat. Speaking to your Travel Management Company in advance with your preferences and requirements can have you placed in prime position for the long journey ahead. Why not request extra legroom or the option to move around the aircraft by pre-booking an aisle seat giving you more freedom.

3. Pre-book your Transfer

Pre-booking transfers in advance of travel from the airport to your hotel or meeting eliminates the stress of securing immediate transport when you arrive at your destination. Not only will you avoid lengthy taxi queues, but you will also avoid paying over the odds.

What’s more, is when you book an airport transfer in advance the journey is already prepaid, it’s normally invoiced directly to your travel management company, meaning you won’t have to claim for taxi fare/metro tickets etc on your expenses.

Another option for business travellers is to book car-hire as opposed to transfers, your business travel agent can advise of the best operators to source vehicles from and pre-book this in advance for you.

4. Wear comfortable Clothing

Do keep in mind that you will be sitting on the aircraft for at least 8 hours so try to wear several comfortable layers, as it can sometimes feel cold with the air-con systems on the aircraft itself. Team your comfortable layers with sensible shoes or trainers which aren’t too snug to combat the inevitable swelling of ankles and feet (also known as (gravitational oedema) a harmless phenomenon caused by flying according to Travel and

5. Prepare for your time zone

Any regular business traveller will have experienced Jet-lag at some point, and know how disruptive it can be when travelling abroad for business. If you can, try to stipulate to your Travel Management Company that you require a flight which gets you to your destination at night-time, meaning you can head straight to your hotel room upon arrival, helping you to adjust to the new time zone.

Top Tip: If you can’t arrange for a night time arrival, we recommend changing your watch to your new local time before your flight at the airport helping you to prepare in advance of arrival.

6. Stay Hydrated

Flying on an aircraft can leave you feeling dehydrated, this is due to the ultra-low humidity of the cabin environment. Try to drink at least eight fluid ounces of water for every hour you are in the air to avoid dehydration. This will not only help to keep you healthy when on the road but also flush out any toxins that may be lurking in your body. Not only will your skin thank-you but your body will feel less sluggish leaving you to get back to business.

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