Travel Tips

Managing your crew and business travels is not an easy task! Booking different routes and tickets, organizing the relevant paperwork, issuing multiple invoices, and being updated for any cancellation or change is rather complicated and challenging.

Antaeus online travel management platforms allow you to book and manage your marine and corporate travels easier, saving you up to 30% time and reducing operational costs simply by logging-in.

Read how our management tool makes your life easier:

1. Pre-filled passenger details

A small misspelling of the traveler’s details may lead to complex and costly procedures or even to flight loss. With our online tool the booking process becomes easier as the passenger details are automatically filled out, avoiding any mistakes that may result in greater costs or delays. No need to say that your personal data is totally secure and safe.

2. API Integration with HR or Crew softwares

Our online tool can also be integrated into your company’s HR and Crew softwares, allowing you to synchronize all the data from your system, speeding up the booking process even more and ensuring real-time operations. By fusing these 2 funnels, you will have a unique management tool tailored to your company’s needs as you can upload and organize all the data you need from crew travel lists to travel policie.

3. Live 24/7 chat

Although technology undoubtedly makes your life easier, sometimes you just need someone to ask a question or guide you. That’s why Antaeus management tools combine advanced technology with human factor, offering the best of both worlds and meeting your every need. A personal travel advisor is always on standby to chat with you and assist you with anything you might need.

4. Travel & Health Advisories

These online tools offer you the opportunity to continuous check for any updates or travel updates related to your crew’s flight information. In addition, it can send you health advisories and emergency notifications about the countries or areas your employees travel to and for any additional documentation they need to have. The software also allows you to upload your company’s travel policy so that your colleagues can be constantly updated on terms and conditions.

5. Statistics, Reporting & Invoicing

Also, these are great tools for your decision-making process as you have access to accurate, transparent, and fully consolidated data about your itineraries. Thanks to dynamic statistics and reporting, you can check and control your budget, documents, and invoices offering you a complete overview, making your marine crew travel easier and faster.

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