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In our websites,, (hereinafter referred to as «Website») we use technologies in order to collect information that will help us improve your internet experience. In our Cookie Policy, we state such technologies, among which cookies, pixels, gifs, etc., collectively referred to as “Cookies”. This policy explains the different types of cookies used in the Website and the way they are tracked. We reserve the right to amend this cookie policy at anytime. Please check at the top of this page to see when this Cookie Policy was last revised. Any change in the current cookie policy shall come into effect, as soon as the revised version of the policy is uploaded to the website. By consenting to the use of cookies your browsing through the Website becomes more comprehensive. We trust that this cookie policy will help you understand and make you feel safer about the use of cookies in the Website. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Cookies are small text files, downloaded to your computer, your tablet, your mobile phone or other device, when accessing the Website. They are widely used and help make websites perform better and more efficiently. They do so, since websites can read and save these files allowing them to detect and store important information that facilitate your browsing the internet (e.g. by keeping track of user’s preferences).


Below you may find a list of the Cookies we may use in the Website.

Essential Cookies: These Cookies are very important for our Website, because they allow you to browse through it and use any Website features. Without these quite necessary Cookies certain services will not be available and our website will not operate as smoothly as we would like it to.

Performance Cookies: Performance Cookies (called also “’analytics’’) collect information on how the Website is used and allow us to improve its services. For example, performance cookies track the pages on the Website that are more frequently visited by users, they allow us to view the overall usage models in our website and record any difficulty faced in the Website.

Functionality Cookies: In certain cases we may use functionality cookies. These Cookies allow us to track any selections you may have made in the Website and to provide optimized and customized services. These features help us improve your visit to the Website. 

Flash Cookies: Sometimes we may use Adobe Flash Player to display certain content, such as video clips or animation. In order to improve your user experience, Local Shared Objects (widely known as “Flash Cookies”) are used to provide services, such as saving your settings and preferences. Flash Cookies are stored in your device but are operated by an interface other than the one provided by your internet browser. This means that Flash Cookies cannot be managed (in terms of browser) in the same way that usual Cookies can. On the other hand, the managing tools of Flash program can be directly accessed through the Adobe website. The Adobe website provides detailed information on the way you can delete or deactivate Flash Cookies (for more information visit Please note that should you fail to activate or should you deactivate or reject Flash Cookies for the Website, you may not be able to access specific functionalities, such as videos or services that require your signature.


In certain cases, we may cooperate with third parties to provide services through the Website. Publicists of third parties and other companies may install their Cookies for collecting data on your browsing activity and/or the advertisements you have selected. They may use this information in order to present you with advertisements that may be of interest to you, based on the content you have viewed. Third party publicists may also use this information in order to check advertisement visibility. We have no control over such Cookies and if you wish to deactivate or reject third party Cookies, please visit the page of the respective third party. For more information on Cookie management, see section 5 below.


You may deny or not allow Cookies in this Website at any time either by not activating the relevant setting in your browser or by activating the setting in your browser that allows you to reject them. You can deny Flash Cookies in this Website by using the managing tools in the Adobe Flash website ( For more information on the steps you need to take to deactivate Cookies, once you have activated them, go to our website service provider, using the help window. You can also visit for information on the most commonly used browsers. Please note that should you not accept or deactivate Cookies, all services in the Website many not run the way they were intended to.

This website uses necessary cookies to ensure you get the best experience. In addition to necessary cookies for the operation of our website, Antaeus uses third party cookies subject to your consent.