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In our websites, and (hereinafter referred to as «Website») we use technologies in order to collect information that will help us to improve your internet experience. In our Cookies Policy, we refer to these technologies, which include cookies, pixels, gifs, jointly called as «Cookies». The current policy explains the different types of cookies used in the Website and the control thereupon. We preserve the right to amend the current cookies policy anytime. Please check the beginning of this page so as to see the effective date of the current cookies policy. Any change in the current cookies policy will enter into effect, as soon as the revised version of the policy will be uploaded on the Website. If you consent to the use of the cookies you can enjoy a more complete browsing of the Website. We hope that the current cookies policy will assist you to understand and feel safer about the use of cookies on the Website. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Cookies are small text files, downloaded onto your computer, your tablet, your mobile and in general your device, when you access the Website. They are extensively used, in order to make websites perform betterand moreeffectively. They can perform that, because websites can read and write these files and it gives them the capability to recognize and store important information, which shall facilitate the use of internet for you (e.g. by keeping track of user’s preferences).


We set forth a list of the Cookies we might place in the Website

Essential Cookies: These Cookies are very important for the Website, providing the possibility to navigate the Website and use its features. Without these Cookies certain services will not be available and the Website will not operate as smoothly as we wish.

Performance Cookies: Performance Cookies (called ‘’analytics’’ as well) monitor your behaviour, as a visitor, on the Website and allow us to improve the Website’s services. For example, performance cookies monitor which pages on the Website users visit more frequently, allow us to monitor usage models in the Website and to record any difficulty you face on the Website.


_ga      third party       Used to distinguish users
_gat     or _gat_gtag_thirdparty  1 minute Used to throttle request rate
_gid          third party     Used to distinguish users

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Functionality Cookies: In some cases we may use functionality cookies. These Cookies allow us to monitor choices you make on the Website and to provide enhanced and more personalized services. All these characteristics help us to improve your visit in the Website.

Flash Cookies: Sometimes we may use Adobe Flash Player in order to display certain context, such as video clips or animation. In order to improve your experience as user, Local Shared Objects (better known as «Flash Cookies») are used to provide services, such asstoring your adjustments and preferences. Flash Cookies are stored on your device but areoperated through aninterface different from the one providedby your internet browser. This means that someone can’t manage Flash Cookies (in a browsing level) with the same way that he would manage Cookies. On the other hand, someone can access the managing tools of Flash program directly from Adobe website. The Adobe website provides detailed information on the way you can delete or deactivate Flash Cookies (for more information visit You have to know that if you don’t activate or deactivate or reject Flash Cookies for the Website, you maynot have access to specific services, such as videos or services that require your signature.


In some cases, we may cooperate with third parties in order to provide services on the Website. Publicists of third parties and other companies may install their Cookies to gather data about your browsing habits or/and the advertisements you have chosen, that allow them to track your activities on the Website. They may use this information in order to select advertising based on what’s relevant to your interests, based on the content you have seen.  Also, third parties publicists may use this information in order to make advertising more engaging to users. We don’t control these Cookies and in order to deactivate or reject third parties’ Cookies, pleasevisit the page of the relevant third party. You can also learn more about the Cookies managementin the section 5 below.


Facebook Pixel _fbp

Google Ads __gads

Hubspotcrm __hstc


You can choose not to allow or ban the acceptance of Cookies from the Website at any time either by not activating the relevant setting in your browser or by activating the setting in your browser that allows you to ban them. You can ban the acceptance of Flash Cookies of the Website by using managing tools from Adobe Flash (website For more information about the process you have to follow in order to deactivate Cookies, if you have activated them, go to our website service provider, through the help window. Also, you can refer to the website for information about the most common browsers. Please note that if you do not activate the Cookies, it is possible that the services of the Website might not operate as they should.

This website uses necessary cookies to ensure you get the best experience. In addition to necessary cookies for the operation of our website, Antaeus uses third party cookies subject to your consent.