Heimtextil January 2025

CATEGORY :  Textiles
Frankfurt (GER)

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition, Fair Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Opening Hours: TBA

You need to know

Heimtextil is the leading international trade fair for home and contract textiles, held annually in Frankfurt, Germany. It showcases a wide range of products and trends in the textile industry, including fabrics, bedding, carpets, wall coverings, and decorative accessories.

With exhibitors and visitors from around the world, Heimtextil is a hub for designers, manufacturers, retailers, and industry professionals to discover the latest innovations, network, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of home textiles.

  • Explore a vast array of home textiles, including fabrics, bedding, carpets, and decorative accessories.
  • Discover the latest trends and innovations in the textile industry.
  • Connect with industry professionals, designers, manufacturers, and retailers from around the world.
  • Attend informative seminars and workshops to gain insights into the evolving home textile market.
  • Source new products and establish business relationships with suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Immerse yourself in the inspiring and creative atmosphere of Heimtextil, where design and functionality meet.

Top 3 thing to do in Frankfurt

Visit the Römerberg
Explore the historic heart of Frankfurt with its charming half-timbered buildings, the iconic Römer, and the beautiful Frankfurt Cathedral.

Take a stroll along the Main River
Enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the banks of the Main River, admiring the city skyline and the picturesque scenery.

Explore the Museum District
Immerse yourself in art and culture by visiting the world-class museums located in the Museum District, including the Städel Museum, the Museum of Modern Art (MMK), and the Senckenberg Natural History Museum.


Frankfurt’s Food Guide

Frankfurter Grüne Soße
This traditional dish consists of a creamy herb sauce made from seven different herbs, served with boiled potatoes and hard-boiled eggs. It’s a refreshing and flavorful option for herb lovers.

Frankfurt’s famous sausages
Don’t miss the chance to taste the authentic “Frankfurter Würstchen,” a type of pork sausage that is typically grilled or boiled and served with mustard and fresh bread. Pair it with a glass of local apple cider, known as “Apfelwein,” for a true Frankfurt experience.

International flavors at Kleinmarkthalle
Visit Frankfurt’s renowned food market, Kleinmarkthalle, to explore a wide range of culinary delights from around the world. From fresh produce and spices to gourmet cheeses and pastries, this vibrant market is a food lover’s paradise. Be sure to sample some local specialties, such as Handkäse (a tangy cheese) or Bethmännchen (marzipan cookies).


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